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TMJ 1st Orthodontics
TMJ 1st Orthodontics: Concepts, Mechanics, and Stability
Hillside View Orthodontics: Kazumi Ikeda
  • Perfect for dentists and specialists practicing orthodontics with an interest in TMJ
  • Illustrates how to achieve a harmony between TMJ and orthodontic treatment through abundant comprehensive records and long-term follow-up data
  • Offers information on a notable relationship between TMJ condition and facial growth, particularly that of the mandible
  • Various concepts and treatment mechanics are explained alongside approx. 1750 illustrations and pictures, approx. 250 MRIs, and approx. 360 CBCT images

In full color, 230 pages

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ROTH ORTHODONTICS:Philosophy and Case Reports

A casebook compiled by 23 members of the RSCJ who are practicing the Roth philosophy is the first book on the philosophy ever published in the world. The book is full of instructive cases. Diagnostic tools of the Roth philosophy are described in detail in the beginning of the book to facilitate understanding of the way the cases were diagnosed. A limited number of copies (1,000) are now available.

264 colored
pages: Size A4 (210 x 297 mm)

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