The 5th Annual RSCI Meeting in San Francisco

Marines' Memorial Club & Hotel
609 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94102, USA

May 19th-21st, 2015

Our meeting was held in San Francisco this year, at Marine's Memorial Club & Hotel located by The Union Square. Dr. Don Linck gave us a lot of help and advice on the venue selection, and I would like to thank Don for all his efforts in making this meeting yet another success!

This year marks the 5th year anniversary for RSCI, and since the meeting took place in San Francisco, where Dr. Roth made a large impact on orthodontics, we started the meeting with a special guest lecture by Dr. Laura Iwasaki, whose research focuses on TMJ stress loading. We were also fortunate to have Dr. David Hatcher participate as a commentator, and we had an excellent discussion with Dr. Iwasaki and all the attendees. In the afternoon, we had four outstanding presentations by our members, showcasing impressive documentation of positive condylar growth as a result of joint stabilizing effect from splint therapy. It was wonderful to have Dr. Iwasaki see the clinical observations we have made and have her participate in our discussions. Dr. Roth's philosophy is our foundation, but the evolving imaging techniques have allowed us to further advance and change the way we think and approach orthodontic treatment. I believe that our group constitutes the very tip of the arrow of this movement. Seven presenters spoke on the second day of the meeting, including new speakers, and these presentations by our own members is the very core of this study club, and makes it possible for us to level up each year and continue to strive to better ourselves. With addition of new motivated members, our 5th annual meeting was passionate two days!

The 5th Annual RSCI Meeting in San Francisco

Group photo at the meeting venue

In the conference room

  • The 5th annual meeting, May 19-21, 2015
    The meeting was held in San Francisco

  • Our venue, the Marine's Memorial Club & Hotel, is located close to the Union Square in the middle of downtown, with cable cars running up and down the hilly city of San Francisco.

  • The venue: Marine's Memorial Club

  • At the Council meeting before the conference
    Front from left : Hidetoshi Shirai, Kazumi Ikeda, Satoshi Adachi
    In the back: James Sieberth, Emanuel Wasserman, Ted Freeland

  • Emanuel Wasserman (left) and the commentator for Dr. Iwasaki's lecture, David Hatcher (right), catching up. Long time no see!

  • David Hatcher (left) and Dr. Iwasaki's research partner, Dr. Nickel (right), conversing before the meeting.

  • Kazumi Ikeda (left) and David Hatcher (right)
    Thank you for coming, David!

  • The conference room with beautiful architectural details

  • The meeting is about to start!

  • Dr. Laura Iwasaki's lecture is about to start!
    Title: Joules, Genes, and Behaviors: Progress in studies to assess TMJD diagnostic group differences

  • David Hatcher (left) and Claudia Aichinger (right) captivated by Dr. Iwasaki's lecture

  • Members focused on the lecture
    Front from left, Masaru Sakai and David

  • David Hatcher asking Dr. Laura Iwasaki a question

  • Dr. Iwasaki thoroughly answering members' questions

  • During a break: Dr. Iwasaki listening to Kazumi showing some cases on his laptop

  • Behind the scenes: "our ears and voice"
    One of the two interpreters from Japan Sanae Iwakami

  • Time for the second half of Dr. Iwasaki's lecture

  • Don Linck asking a question

  • Another question by Ted Freeland

  • Dr. Iwasaki (right) after her lecture and Manny (left) acknowledging her hard work and thanking her for joining us!

  • The moderator for the afternoon session, Yasoo Watanabe

  • First lecture of the afternoon by Shigeru Tanaka. The title is "Improving the shape of deformed condyle with splint therapy"

  • Claudia asking a question

  • A follow-up question by Hideaki Miyata

  • Studious Don asking another question.

  • Shigeru is all smiles after receiving a certificate from Yasoo acting as a moderator

  • Next lecture by Kazumi Ikeda on: "New role for orthodontists Stabilizing TMJ for mandibular growth instead of displacing condyles forward"

  • Members asking questions after Kazumi's lecture

  • More questions by Thomas Dusek

  • Next presentation by Masaru Sakai
    Title: "Importance of early treatment of malocclusions in growing children"

  • Last lecture of the first day by Satoshi Adachi on "A case of condylar hyperplasia"

  • James Sieberth, the moderator for the morning of day 2, introducing the first presentor

  • Next presentation "An open-bite case with spaced arches treated to a stable result with tongue reduction surgery" by Yoshihiro Nakajima

  • Jim, the moderator, helping with the discussion time after lecture

  • Yoshihiro receiving a certificate from Jim

  • Tadanori Furuya asking questions

  • Next question by Masaru

  • Next lecture by Takehiro Hirano on "Clinical considerrations for orthodontic treatment of patients with DJD"

  • The two Japanese interpreters Sanae (front) and Rei Kawagishi (back)

  • Satoshi Adachi was the moderator for the afternoon session on day 2

  • Don after his lecture and moderator Satoshi. "Great lecture, Don!"

  • Satoshi (right) introducing the next presenter Hidetoshi (left)

  • Hidetoshi Shirai's lecture is on "A skeletal Class III case with mandibular deviation to the right"

Posterboad presentation and case file review

  • Japanese members huddling over a case file, and members from Mexico are similarly discussing another case file in the back

  • Case file display
    The required case files—everyone brought one again!

  • Diego Perez Macal (center) and Satoshi (facing back) hatting over case files

  • Group discussion over a case file is a usual scene at the meetings.

  • Collaboration between a clinician and researcher: Kazumi showing his case file and exchanging comments with Dr. Iwasaki

  • Participants from Poland, Ewa and Maeian Firlej looking over a case file

  • Dori (center) and Thomas Dusek (left) concentrating on case files

  • A lot of efforts go into making poster boards. Thank you to everyone that participated!

At coffee break

  • Everyone is excited for the special guest lecture to begin!
    Dr. Iwasaki, Sanae, Masaru, and Kazumi (from left)

  • Ted (left) and Kazumi (right)

  • Thomas (left) and Kazumi (right)

  • Satoshi Sakai, Noriyo Uchiyama, Yasoo, Shigeru, and Akira Kawamura (from left)

  • Yoshihiro (left) and Hidetoshi (right)

  • Masako Komatsu (left) and Takehiro (right)

  • Satoshi (left) and Diego (right)

  • Kei, Kaori (Kazumi's staff), Kazumi, Renie, and Isayo Ikeda (from left)

  • Diego (left) and Kei (right)

  • Time to relax and enjoy lunch!

  • Catching up over lunch

  • Daisuke Nonoyama, Akira and Masaru (form left)

  • Masako, Sanae, Rei, Isayo, Renie, Ewa, and Marian (form left)

  • Masako, Yoshihiro, Motoyasu Taguchi, Hidetoshi, Takehiro, and Akira (from left)

  • Satoshi, Motoyasu, Hideaki, Yasoo, Tateshi, Junichiro, Hideaki Aoki, and Tadanori (from left)

At the Gala

  • Front from left : Ted, Kazumi
    In the back: Dori, Jim, Claudia, Richard Christensen, Renie, and Christopher

  • The venue for gala dinner

  • Front from left : Kei, Isayo, Hugo, Tania
    In the back: Shigeru, Kaori, Diego, Ana, and Satoshi

  • The talented pianist for the gala and Kei

  • Front from left : Kikuyo, Junichiro, Tateshi Hiraki, Hideaki
    In the back: Tateshi Hiraki's staff

  • Hidetoshi, Yoshihiro, Shigeru, Masaru, Yasoo, Masako and Takehiro (form left)

  • Hideaki, Daisuke, Noriyo, Tadanori, Motoyasu (form left)

  • Front from right : Satoshi Adachi, Ricardo, Enrique and Satoshi Adachi's staff